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WebAnatomy. Home page.


WebAnatomy - New site

You are viewing the old webanatomy site that is no longer maintained.

WebAnatomy is an interactive quiz program that was initially designed for freshman anatomy and physiology students in General College at the University of Minnesota.

The site is free to all users. Additionally, the site does not record or send performance data to anyone. Use the activities as many times as you wish; no one but you knows about your performance. There are no time limits on any activity. WebAnatomy is intended to be a very low-pressure learning activity.

The images on WebAnatomy originate from three different sources. First, a large collection of non-copyrighted line-art; second, color images from a LifeArt CD ROM (which gave us permission a number of years ago to use their images as long as we "marked them up" with leader lines); and third, from McGraw Hill, who had me make a collection of WebAnatomy activities for an anatomy and physiology textbook.

WebAnatomy does a good job at helping entry-level students learn a bit of anatomy, but the site is "limited" in facilitating a deep understanding of complex concepts. WebAnatomy is recommended to anybody who enjoys using computer tutorials and is looking for a quick, easy, cheap, and simple means to learn some anatomy. WebAnatomy is not recommended for students who do not like computers or for those who are seeking to acquire a deep appreciation/understanding of anatomy and physiology.

If you find errors in WebAnatomy, send an e-mail to Please include the URL of the page, and details of the error or errors.



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American Association of Anatomists

Get Body Smart

Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS)

Mayo Clinic

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Web Anatomy USA





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