The Anatomy Game (Web Anatomy II)

Race the clock in an attempt to master your knowledge of human anatomy. Or - if you wish - you can turn the clock off and you can work as slow as you like.

This program is rather slow to load and may cause some Browser's to crash. It is, however, a very cool way to learn anatomy. Read the directions - they are very good.

I recommend using the timer -- how fast can you identify 10 items? It adds a bit of tension to the game.

The game program uses Java - just in case you wanted to know. No data is collected from this program. Use it as much as you wish - It's free!

Please let me know what you think of the webAnatomy game by sending me an e-mail at:"

This game was created in conjunction with McGraw-Hill

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Game Number and Title

01: Body Organization

02: Skin

03: Full Skeleton

04: Skull #1

05: Skull #2

06: Vertebral Column

07: Thoracic Cage

08: Pectoral Girdle

09: Upper Limb (Note: In images #4 of this game, the corocoid process should actaully be the coronoid process.)

10: Pelvic Girdle

11: Lower Limb

12: Microanatomy - Muscles - Sarcomeres

13: Muscles of the Body

14: Muscles of the Face

15: Trunk Muscles

16: Upper Limb Muscles

17: Lower Limb Muscles

18: Meninges

19: Spinal Cord

20: Brain

21: Cranial Nerves

22: Spinal Nerves

23: Ear

24: Eye

25: Heart

26: Cardiac Conduction System

27: Blood Vessels Associtated with the Heart

28: Arteries of the Head and Neck

29: Major Arteries

30: Major Veins

31: Digestive System

32: Mouth, Nasal Cavity and Pharnyx

33: Stomach

34: Small Intestine

35: Large Intestine

36: Respiratory System

37: Upper Respiratory

38: Bronchial Tree

39: Urinary System

40: Kidney

41: Nephron

42: Bladder

43: Male Reproductive Organs

44: Female Reproductive Organs