Registration Information for PSTL 1135 - Human Anatomy and Physiology


Please read all of the following information:

1. PSTL students have first shot at registering for PSTL 1135 - registration is closed to all non-PSTL students until after all PSTL students have registered.

2. If a lab section is full, I can NOT get you in for safety reasons, we never put extra student in lab sections. SO - try to get into a different lab section if you see that one lab section is full. ALSO - we do NOT allow people to switch labs once the course has begun - so don't register for one lab section and then try to show-up to a different section.

3. Important

I (Murray Jensen) do not give out class permission numbers or sign any registration forms. IF you are having difficulties of any kind registering for PSTL 1135 please contact Jennifer Franko. Her contact information can be found here:

4. CLA Students

CLA student they will need to get permission from their CLA advisor to get a permission number. The form is called the "CLA Advisor Referral to a Postsecondary Teaching and Learning Course."


IF you are NOT a U of M student, and wish to get into PsTL 1135, you can start by contacting Jennifer Franko- but she'll probably have you contact the College of Continuing Education.


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