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a-         without or absence of: (-sepsis, -vascular tissue)

ab-      away from: (-abduction, -ductor muscle)

an-      without: (-aerobic respiration)

ana-    up: (-bolic, -phylaxis)

ante-   before: (-grade amnesia)

anti-    against: (-bacterial, -biotic, -depressant)

append-         to hang something: (-icular)

bi-        two: (-cuspid valve, -polar disorder, -sexual)

bin-     two: (-ocular vision)

brady- slow: (-bradycardia)

contra-            against: (-ceptive device, -lateral)

di-        two: (-saccharide)

dis-      to undo; free from: (-location, -ease, -order)

ecto-   outside: (-ic pregnancy)

endo-  within: (-plasmic reticulum)

epi-     upon: (-thelial tissue, -cardium, -dermal)

erythr- red: (-ocyte)

exo-    outside: exocrine gland: (-genous, -nucleaes, -skeleton)

extra-  outside: extracellular: (-cellular, --uterine pregnancy)

glyc-    sweet: (-ogen)

hyper- above: (-tonic)

hypo-  below: (-tonic)

im-       not: (-balance)

infra-   under; below: (-orbital foramen or -spinatus mescles)

inter-   between: (-phase, -costal muscle)

intra-   inside: (-membranous ossification, -cellular fluid)

iso-      equal: (-tonic, -metric)

macro-            large: (-biotic, -cephaly, -phage)

mal-    bad: (-formation)

meso- middle: (-derm)

meta-  after: (-centric chromosome, -carpals)

micro- small: (-biology)

mono- one: (-saccharide)

multi-  many: (-factorial)

mut-    change: (-ation)

neo-    new: (-natal)

para-   beside: -(thyroid glands)

patho- disease: (-gen, -ology,-physiology)

peri-    surrounding: (-cardial, -chondrium, -aortic)

poly-   many: (-unsaturated, -dactyly)

post-   after: (-traumatic stress, -nasal drip)

pre-     before: (-mature, -natal, -fixes)

pseudo-          false: (-stratified epithelium, -dementia)

re-       back: (-action, -bound, -combiant)

retro-   back or behind: (-virus, -sternal,)

semi-  half: (-lunar valves, -circular canal, -membranosus muscle)

sub-    under or below: (-arachnoid space, -clavian artery)

super- over or above: (-ficial anatomy, -vena cava, -ficial)

syn      together or joined: (-drome, -chrony)

tachy- fast: (-cardia)

tetra-   four: (-cycline, -iodothyronine)

trans-  through, across, beyond: (-fusion, -mission, -plantation)

tri-        three: (-glyceride)

ultra-   beyond; excess: (-sound, -violetlight)

uni-     one: (-polar neurons)



Long list - answers #1

Erythr-. Red: (-ocyte)

Macro-. Large: (-biotic, -cephaly, -phage)

Tachy-. Fast: (-cardia)

Endo-. Within: (-plasmic reticulum)

Multi-. Many: (-factorial)

Post-. After: (-traumatic stress, -nasal drip)

Mono-. One: (-saccharide)

Mal-. Bad: (-formation)

Re-. Back: (-action, -bound, -combiant)

Tachy-. Fast: (-cardia)


Long list - answers #2

Poly-. Many: (-unsaturated, -dactyly)

Infra-. Under; below: (-orbital foramen or -spinatus mescles)

Syn. Together or joined: (-drome, -chrony)

An-. Without: (-aerobic respiration)

Epi-. Upon: (-thelial tissue, -cardium, -dermal)

Iso-. Equal: (-tonic, -metric)

Peri-. Surrounding: (-cardial, -chondrium, -aortic)

Intra-. Inside: (-membranous ossification, -cellular fluid)

Ab-. away from: (-duction, -ductor muscle)

Para-. Beside: -(thyroid glands)


Long list - answers #3

Meso-. Middle: (-derm)

Retro-. Back or behind: (-virus, -sternal,)

Trans-. Through, across, beyond: (-fusion, -mission, -plantation)

Append-. To hang something: (-icular)

Sub-. Under or below: (-arachnoid space, -clavian artery)

Tri-. Three: (-glyceride)

Micro-. Small: (-biology)

Neo-. New: (-natal)

Patho-. Disease: (-gen, -ology,-physiology)

Exo-. Outside:(-ocrine gland, -genous, -nucleaes, -skeleton)


Long list - answers #4

Uni-. One: (-polar neurons)

Multi-. Many: (-factorial)

Ante-. Before: (-grade amnesia)

Pseudo-. False: (-stratified epithelium, -dementia)

Hypo-. Below: (-tonic)

Im-. Not: (-balance)

Meta-. After: (-centric chromosome, -carpals)

Re-. Back: (-action, -bound, -combiant)

Bin-. Two: (-ocular vision)

Ultra-. Beyond; excess: (-sound, -violetlight)


Long list - answers #5

Mal-. Bad: (-formation)

Ecto-. Outside: (-ic pregnancy)

Semi-. Half: (-lunar valves, -circular canal, -membranosus muscle)

Dis-. To undo; free from: (-location, -ease, -order)

Super-. Over or above: (-ficial anatomy, -vena cava, -ficial)

Ana-. Up: (-bolic, -phylaxis)

Inter-. Between: (-phase, -costal muscle)

A-. Without or absence of: (-sepsis, -vascular tissue)

Hyper-. Above: (-tonic)

Mut-. Change: (-ation)


Long list - answers #6

Pre-. Before: (-mature, -natal, -fixes)

Extra-. Outside: extracellular: (-cellular, --uterine pregnancy)

Bi-. Two: (-cuspid valve, -polar disorder, -sexual)

Glyc-. Sweet: (-ogen)

Di-. Two: (-saccharide)

Contra-. Against: (-ceptive device, -lateral)

Anti-. Against: (-bacterial, -biotic, -depressant)

Tetra-. Four: (-cycline, -iodothyronine)

Erythr-. Red: (-ocyte)

Brady-. Slow: (-bradycardia)


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