An Introduction to Histology

for GC 1135

Thanks to JayDoc HistoWeb for supplying the images! If you want to see a huge collection of well organized images intended for medical students, go there!

The intent of this web page is to introduce GC 1135 students to real histology images, and also review a few basic histology concepts.

There are four different types of tissues. (Go through all four!)

1. Epithelial Tissue

2. Connective Tissue

3. Nervous Tissue

4. Muscle Tissue

When you are done reviewing the above four pages and completing your worksheet, try a histology quiz using webanatomy. (You must use the "back" button to return to this page.)

If your really like histology, here are a few web sites you may enjoy!

Note: histology is closely associated with pathology (the study of disease) and many of the following web sites contain gross and disgusting images of infections, injuries, etc. Some people get sick looking at this stuff, so it's optional (don't look at them if you don't want to). However, if you think you have a future in health care, you should find the following sites "cool" or "interesting" and you should probably not throw up! If you do throw-up, it's a good indicator that you should not go into health care.

The Museum of Human Disease - from Australia

The Pathology Guy - wonderful stuff from Dr. Ed Friedlander, a med school pathologist

and also JayDoc HistoWeb.


GC 1135