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Very good A and P Animations - Flash - Medical Animation Library

Harvard - Cell Biology - Cell Biology Animation

History of the lobotomy - 'My Lobotomy': Howard Dully's Journey

Mayo Clinic - Great site to look-up diseases

WHO - The World Health Organization

CDC - The US Center for Disease Control

Exercise Physiology Info - Len Kravitz

Anatomy TV - very cool

Who Named It --Anatomy terms


How to Photoshop "Beauty" - OR - why we don't have a chance ...

Montana Meth Ads

U of Utah - Mouse Party - Drug Actions


U of M Nursing Program - THE WORLD NEEDS NURSES!
There are great job opportunities in nursing around the world!

U of M Nursing - Education Program

U of M Anatomy Programs

The Visible Heart - U of M and Medtronic - great videos of valves.


Get Body Smart - Very good site for reviwing topics in anatomy and physiology

JayDocHistoWeb - U Kansas - The best histology site!

Lumen - Loyola University - Great histology site

Virtual knee surgery (EdHeads)

Enviromental site - fun FLASH animation


Many Good Anatomy and Physiology Links - Norht Harris College


Minnesota Medical Companies:

St. Jude Medical


Boston Scientific





PsTL 1135 Resources - Resources for PsTL 1135

U of M Physiology - Courses

U of M Anatomy - Courses

U of M - Kinesiology

Exercise Physiology

Teaching and other licensure programs - U of M


U of M Vets Center (Comfort and Courage) - For anybody with military experience...


U of M Health Care Careers

U of M Health Careers Center


Carbohydrates and Nutrition


Snow Emergency - Parking