YouTube Videos - PsTL 1135 Archive


Fall 2009 PsTL 1135 U of M

Diabetes Awareness Interviews

Great tune about the digestive system

News report about the digestive system

Energy For Muscle Contraction

Sarcomere Anatomy


Fall 2009 CIS

Blood Cells Rock - Hopkins High School

Anat-O-Rap - Rosemount Apple Valley Egan

A & P News - Thyroid - St. Paul Conservatory for the Performing Artists

H1N1 Report - St. Paul Conservatory for the Performing Artists

Craving Control - Cretin-Derham Hall

Heart Interpretive Dance - Hopkins High School

The Sleaze on a Sneeze - Bethlehem Academy - Faribault

Bonez - Richfield High School


Top Videos - Spring 2009

Grand Champion: Cash for body parts

2nd: ATP video

3rd: Menses is a Bit.....

Other Good Ones

Organ Donation

Cell Structure (NIN)

Fight and Flight - Sympathetic Response

Dating after an anatomy course