(A.K.A: Meggo, Muzabaserk, Meglet)

"Think. It's not illegal yet." ~ Ani Difranco

    Hey der. I am 20 years old, born and raised in good 'ol Milwaukee (pronounced Mawaukee) Wisconsin. Milwaukee is a magniferous city, home of Summerfest  . Check out this years band line up. If you have never visited "the good land" you should really take a chance and do what we do best: Beer, Brats, and Bowling!!!

    I am going into my junior year here at the U of M. I am currently studying for a Bachelors of  Individualized Studies. That means that I get to create my own major. Because I have such a passion for the African culture, writing and literature, and social problems, I decided to bring them all together!

    I am planning on studying in Kenya for the Fall 2002 semester through the MSID program. After I graduate I hope to research various global social problems and expose problems that have been swept under the rug.

    For fun, I love the outdoors! Especially backpacking. The best hike I have ever had was on the Ouachita Trail in the Ozarks of Arkansas. It was brutal and oh so rewarding!

                                           "...cause joy, it has its own justice and dreams are languid and lawless and everything bows to beauty when it is fierce and when it is flawless..."  ~Ani Difranco


    I also LOVE to listen to music. My current fav is Ani Difranco . She is coming to Northrop Auditorium on June 24th, so if you are also a die hard righteous babe fan click here for tickets!