Kevin's Link


      Wassup everyone? Thanks for checking out this site.  The group's name is Dysentery (wasn't my idea...hehe) and I'm Kevin.  Taking summer courses @ the U of M.  Just sitting here working on this site.  A few my interests are working on my comp, watch movies, read, animation, listening to music, and chillin w/ friends.  Big fan of mp3s, I'm sure you readers are familiar w/ Audiognome, Limewire, mIRC, and Napster for some pretty cool music.  If not, just click on the below links to download the programs.




    I'm sure everyone else already uses Na[ster so I didn't include the link, k?

    Like that goofy lookin fella on top?  I'm a big fan of Richie Hawtin, AkaPlastikman, one of the founders of Detroit techno and acid house. Thats his symbol.  He's creates some kick @$$ sounds w/ his 909.