Time To Quiz Your Knowledge!!

    1)  Who discovered the first actual vacination for smallpox?
                                        a.  Edward Jenner
                                        b.  Bill Gates
                                        c.  Benjamine Jesty
                                        d.  Albert Einstein

    2) How many deltons are in one double strand of DNA genone?
                                        a.  100-250
                                        b.  250-400
                                        c.  400-650
                                        d.  650-900

    3)  Which one of the following is not a symptom of smallpox?
                                        a.  the shedding of outer skin
                                        b.  fever, headache and body pain
                                        c.  red spots and rash
                                        d.  the breakdown of bone mass

    4)  What is the incubation period?
                                        a.  twelve days
                                        b.  three days
                                        c.  twenty-two days
                                        d.  fifteen days

    5)  How old was Edward Jenner before he received his first apprenticeship?
                                        a.  12
                                        b.  13
                                        c.  17
                                        d.  20

    6)  Once you catch the smallpox disease, is there a chance of contracting it a
         second time?
                                        a.  true
                                        b.  false

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