So you think you know everything there is to know about the Bubonic Plague, hhhmmm?!?!  Why don't you test yourself then smarty pants?!?!

Kelley's Quiz on...... The Bubonic Plague  ahhhhhggg!!!

1.    What causes the plague?

        a. over-eating        b. having unprotected sex        c. Yersnia pestis bacillus

2.    How is the plague transmitted?

        a. flea bite            b. direct contact with infected tissues or fluids.

        c. respiratory droplets from cats and humans with the plague        c. all of the above

3.    What are the symptoms of the plague?

        a. smooth, oval, reddened, painful swellings of swollen lymph glands called buboes in the groin, armpits,
            neck, or elsewhere in the body.

        b. sneezing and runny nose

        c. watery eyes and scratchy throat

4.    How is plague treated?

        a. penicillin

        b. lots of fluids and rest

        c. hospitalization, medical isolation, and the antibiotic streptomycin

5.    How many cases of plague have occurred in the U.S.?

        a. none

        b. 10 to 20 persons each year

        c. 200 to 500 persons each year

6.    When was the last rat-borne epidemic in the U.S.?

        a. 1924-1925 in Los Angeles

        b. 1902-1903 in New York

        c. 1960-1961 in Boston

7.     What is another well-known name for the Black Plague?

        a. Fatal Frank
        b. Black Death
        c. Inevitable End

8.    How do you prevent plague?

        a. environmental management
        b. public health education
        c. preventative drug therapy
        d. vaccines
        e. all of the above

9.    After exposure, when does the onset of the Bubonic Plague usually occur?

        a. 2 to 6 hours
        b. 2 to 6 days
        c. 2 to 6 weeks

10.    Does the bacteria of the disease invade....

        a. the muscle tissue
        b. the lymphatic system
        c. the bloodstream

11.    Half of all Bubonic Plague victims die if not treated, and almost all victims of pneumo die of not treated.

        a. True            b. False

12.    Which test does not indicate a plague infection.

        a. culture of bubo
        b. culture of sputum
        c. blood culture
        d. the Babinski test
        e. lymph node culture

Essay Portion (eewwww...almost more scary than the Bubonic Plague!)

13. What happens biologically to people who get the disease and why?


        Once the bacteria, Yersnia pestis, enters the bloodstream, it travels to the liver, spleen, kidneys, lungs, and brain.  The incubation period is commonly 2 to 6 days after exposure.  Early symptoms include: shivering, vomiting, headache, giddiness, intolerance to light, pain in the back and limbs, and white coating on the tongue.

        Eventually, pain occurs in the groin, armpit, and neck (all these areas contain lymph nodes).  Later there is painful swelling of the lymph nodes called "boboes" which are hard lumps that appear on the inner thigh, neck, and armpit.  Blood vessels then break, causing internal bleeding.  Soon, thereafter, dried blood under the skin begins to turn black.  Yersnia pestis, in autopsies, has been found in the periodical sac, spleen, liver, lymph nodes, and bone marrow.  If untreated, plague mortality is very high.  Yet once an infected person recovers, they are immune.

Now check to see how smart you really are!

1. c. Yersnia pestis bacillus
2. d. all of the above
3. a. smooth, oval, reddened, painful swellings of swollen lymph glands called buboes in the groin, armpits, neck, or elsewhere in the body.
4. c. hospitalization, medical isolation and the antibiotic streptomycin
5. b. 10 to 20 persons each year.
6. a. 1924 to 1925 in Los Angeles
7. b. Black Death
8. e. all of the above
9. b. 2 to 6 days
10. c. the bloodstream
11. a. true
12. d. The Babinski Test
13. Freebeeeeeee!

If you got:

1-5 correct:                  Do not pass go, your pants are not so smart.

6-10 correct:                Your pants may be admitted to college!

11- 100% correct:         Go directly to the head of the class, you are
                                    "Mr./Ms. Smarty Pants"!