Women should always discuss treatment options with a physician, because optimal reatment will vary depending on the stage of disease, the woman's age, and the overall condition of her heatlth.
    However, one method is surgery which removes the cancerous growth.  This is the primary method for diagnosis and therapy for ovarian cancer.  This is best performed by a qualified gynecologic oncologist.
    Another method of treating ovarian cancer is with chemotherapy.  This relies on the use of drugs that travel through the bloodstream to kill off cancerous cells both in and outside of the ovaries.  It is used in the majority of cases as a follow-up therapy to surgery.
    Then there is also radiation therapy which involves the use of high energy x rays to kill cancer cells and shrink the tumors.  However, this method is rarely used in the United States.
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If you are a victim of ovarian cancer and you need help deciding on what would be the best treatment for you... I suggest the following web site which is called the  Medical Cancer Profiler..  This decision supporting tool will assist you in understanding your treatment options and possible side effects.

Along with all of the choices for ways of treating cancer, there are also many decisions on which drug will be best for you as well.  There are a handful of drugs out on the market and with their complicated names and their similar indications, it is hard for anyone to choose which one is the correct one for you.  It is also complicated to understand exactly what the medications are with all of the medical jargon being tossed around.  So try clicking on the following links to help you become more educated on medication choices.

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